Employee Charities 

Township Manager Barry Luber presented a check to his charity, Kaitlin Murphy Foundation. Their purpose is to bring awareness to the addiction epidemic, form a community of FIGHTERS to join the battles, and raise the funds needed to support addiction fighting charities that are already doing the good work on the ground level. 

Firefighter Bill McCann presented a check to his charity, Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is an organization whose goal is to provide a safe environment where children and teens can discuss their feelings related to the death of somebody they love. ​

Finance Director Cassandra Williams presented a check to her charity A Woman's Place. A Woman's Place is a community based social change organization committed to the empowerment of women and to ending intimate and domestic violence for all.  

Board of Supervisors Chairperson Shirley Yannich presented a check to the Warrington's Lion Pride. The Warrington's Lion Pride is known for working to end preventable blindness. 

Executive Assistant to the Township Manager Barbara Livrone presented a check to Kids' Chance of PA. They are an organization dedicated to helping kids with assistance for college or education whose parent were injured or killed in a work related accident.