William Bell, Sr. was a member of the Warrington Township Fire Company. He was a member of the Fire Police and died in 1964 while on duty directing traffic at the scene of an accident.

William Bell, Sr. 

Robert Bell, Sr.  (1946-2014)

The Bell Family

Vivian Bell has been an employee at Warrington Township since 1980. She is the immediate past Finance Director and currently serves as the Director of Administrative Support Services. She served in the Warrington Township Ladies Auxiliary Fire Company and has been the Treasurer of the Bucks County Consortium for over 10 years.

A life member and past Assistant Chief of the Warrington Township Fire Department, Robert Bell, Sr. passed away on October 20, 2014. Bob officially joined the fire company in 1959 as a junior firefighter at 13 years of age. Bob was also a past Chief Engineer and worked on numerous truck committees throughout his years. In addition to his 55 years of service given to the Warrington Township Fire Company, Bob was a 15 year Warrington Township employee.

Robert Bell, JR. 

Vivian Bell

Robert Bell, Jr. is a 18+ year veteran of the Warrington Township Police Department. He currently is based at Central Bucks High School South as the School Resource Officer continuing the legacy of service to the Township.

The Bell family, longtime residents of Warrington Township, have provided many years of distinguished service to Warrington Township and its Residents.