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Our scholarships are named after 

Timothy J. Bennett and The Bell Family

Timothy J. Bennett was a dedicated police officer with 19 years of service with the Warrington Township Police Department. He passed suddenly in 2009. His greatest job was being a father and planning a future for his son Ian, one that included a college education.

That passion for providing for his son gave the family the idea of creating a Scholarship that would benefit future young people in Warrington Township and surrounding communities. 

To date, we have awarded over a dozen awards to students. These scholarships have given students the peace of mind to "focus on what I wanted to do instead of how I would pay for it," according to one recipient.

The Bell Family has provided many years of distinguished service to Warrington Township and its residents. This includes William Bell, Sr. a member of the Fire Company, Robert Bell, Sr. a life member and past Assistant of the Warrington Township Fire Department and a former Public Works employee, Robert Bell, Jr., a Warrington Township Police Officer, Brendan Bell, a new Public Works employee, and Vivian Bell, a former employee of the Township from 1980 to 2018, employed as both Finance Director and Director of Administrative Support Services.

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