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Timothy J. Bennett was a dedicated police officer with 19 years of service with the Warrington Township Police Department. He passed suddenly in 2009. His most significant job was being a father and planning a future for his son Ian, including a college education.

That passion for providing for his son gave the family the idea of creating a Scholarship that would benefit future young people in Warrington Township and surrounding communities. 

To date, we have awarded over a dozen awards to students. These scholarships have given students the peace of mind to "focus on what I wanted to do instead of how I would pay for it," according to one recipient.

The Bell Family has provided many years of distinguished service to Warrington Township and its residents. This includes William Bell, Sr. a member of the Fire Company; Robert Bell, Sr. a life member and past Assistant of the Warrington Township Fire Department and a former Public Works employee, Robert Bell, Jr., a Warrington Township Police Officer; Brendan Bell, a new Public Works employee, and Vivian Bell, a former employee of the Township from 1980 to 2018, employed as both Finance Director and Director of Administrative Support Services.

Our scholarships are named after 

Timothy J. Bennett and The Bell Family

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